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Private E-Commerce, E-Business Coaching

After a decade of experience and as a result of many requests, I have opened up a small number of consulting slots.   If you are getting started in your e-business or have lots of experience and need accountability or someone to help you grow, I would love to provide professional e-commerce coaching and consulting for you.  You can choose to book as many consulting appointments as you feel are necessary.   Coaching can be done in person (for locals) or via Skype, FaceTime, and screen-sharing software.

E-Commerce Consulting Packages – Coaching and Strategic Plans

After initial consulting call, you may be presented with an ongoing coaching/strategy package consisting of a short term or long term business strategy.  This strategy would typically include weekly goals, checklists, and ongoing coaching calls for a monthly fee, or package fee.   In this case, your initial consulting fee will be applied to the coaching package.

My Personal Guarantee:

I believe that my experience is valuable and offer a money-back guarantee for my services.  If you feel that the time I’ve given to you is not valuable after your initial consultation, simply ask for a refund.

Payment is required at time of booking.

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* Times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) and appointment is not official until approved and confirmed.
* Initial consulting fee may be applied towards future business growth and strategy packages.