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  1. Hi Fred,

    Wondering if you accept guest suggestions? If so; check out the below:

    According to Forrester analyst Josh Zelonis, we can most likely expect to see an uptick in Ransomware attacks on ecommerce sites this holiday shopping season because cyber-criminals have more leverage during such a critical time. During Cyber Monday, online retailers are selling $1 Million of goods every minute so minutes matter, especially for smaller retailers, when those minutes can make or break them. When you consider that 70 percent of small business sites hit by a cyberattack were forced offline last year and one in 10 were actually forced to shut their doors for good, it’s essential that these retailers protect the revenue they are trying to generate via eCommerce sites during the Cyber Monday sales period by taking every precaution to protect their stores from Ransomware.

    Any interest in a discussion with Mike Potter, co-founder and CEO of Rewind, on how retailers can stop risking revenue and actively protecting their stores from this very real threat? Something as seemingly simple as a data backup of their critical cloud applications like Shopify or BigCommerce could not only save their team hours of frustration trying to restore a site after a data loss, but also save thousands of dollars in potentially lost profits as well.

    Looking forward to your thoughts,

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