The 4Ms: Strategic Leadership & Time Management [Episode 5]

Welcome to Episode 5 of the E-BusinessOnline Podcast

Host & Speaker:  Fred McKinnon with guest, Justin Davidson
Topic:   The 4Ms:   Maintain, Maximize, Margin, and Move Into – Time Management and Leadership
Summary:   In Episode 5, Fred is joined with guest, Justin Davidson, to share a simple, but profound exercise which is perfect for jump starting your New Year or business.   Many (most) of us are juggling regular jobs on top of our e-business and struggle to manage our time wisely?  How do we decide what we want to keep doing (maintain), focus more effort into (maximize), and what do we prune out of our daily lives (margin) so we can expand our influence or purpose (move into)?

We’d like you to listen to this episode as a coaching time to help manage your time.   Print or draw out your own diagram like the one above and take some time to evaluate your schedule.   If you are willing, share some of your results with in our Facebook Group; specifically, in this post:



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The 4Ms: Strategic Leadership & Time Management [Episode 5]

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