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EBO On The Go: Pricing, PPC, Marketing, Margin and Profit [Episode 11]

Welcome to Episode 11 of the E-BusinessOnline Podcast Host & Speaker:  Fred McKinnon Topic:   Documenting changes on pricing and marketing to know your numbers Summary:  Join Fred “on the go” as he drives in to work, discussing the way he audits his P&L numbers and PPC 2 Things We Are Asking Every Listener to Consider: JOIN …

The 4Ms: Strategic Leadership & Time Management [Episode 5]

Welcome to Episode 5 of the E-BusinessOnline Podcast Host & Speaker:  Fred McKinnon with guest, Justin Davidson Topic:   The 4Ms:   Maintain, Maximize, Margin, and Move Into – Time Management and Leadership Summary:   In Episode 5, Fred is joined with guest, Justin Davidson, to share a simple, but profound exercise which is perfect for jump starting …

Resisting Change Can Cost You – Big

change“…the constant march forward to ever-newer ways of doing things was not just a lamentable side effect of commerce, but was an ESSENTlAL element of WEALTH CREATION.  The task of creating wealth ABSOLUTELY depends on change”

Taken from “Thou Shalt Prosper