Best Practices for Sharing Content on Social Media

Social media integration is not only important, but mission-critical to success these days in e-business.   Whether you are building a mailing list, sharing a product, or generating user-content, knowing how to post to social media is very important.

Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

We utilize Hootsuite for our social media sharing.  In our business, we have our main company brand, our private label brands, accounts for this property (E-BusinessOnline.Com) and several social media accounts for smaller, niche-driven audiences.   Hootsuite has made it easy to schdule and post from their dashboard to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles.

They’ve got an amazing short video that outlines some best practices for sharing content on social media.  Check it out and apply it.   Here’s to your e-business prosperity!


Best Practices for Sharing Content on Social Media

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