BREAKING: Amazon to Soon Allow only ONE Email to Customers Per Order

Amazon Tightens The Screws on Buyer-Seller Messaging Again

If you’ve been selling on Amazon very long you have learned that there is one thing you can count on … that Amazon will constantly change the rules.

Breaking news from one of the premier feedback/review solicitation companies, Feedback Five, confirms rumors that have been circulating.   Amazon is making changes to restrict sellers to sending only ONE “unsolicited” message to buyers per order.

It’s no secret that many Amazon sellers use services such as Feedback Five to setup automated campaigns soliciting both Seller Feedback and Product Reviews.   Obtaining Seller Feedback is crucial to demonstrating the quality of the seller.  It gives social proof to other shoppers that the Seller can be trusted.   Furthermore, asking customers to consider leaving a product review is one of the most important steps in building a successful brand and launching products successfully.

From Feedback Five:

In the past, Amazon limited email communication with buyers based on average daily order volume. The policy currently states, “You may not send more messages than 5 times your average daily order volume, plus an additional 600 messages.” In an effort to ensure customer satisfaction at every level, this guideline is being updated so that merchants may only send one unsolicited feedback message per order. As Amazon confirmed with us in our conversation, they encourage feedback solicitation (seller feedback is an important seller performance metric, after all), but the company is now asking merchants to limit communication to a single message to buyers to avoid email fatigue.

As with any change with Amazon’s policy, it’s quick to have a knee-jerk reaction.   The sky is not falling.  Take a deep breath.   If Amazon is taking this direction they have learned that customers are worn out with the repeated emails begging for feedback and reviews.   Instead of going into a crazed panic, take a moment and come up with a new email template that will address everything needed.   Make it fun, make it personal, and most of all – make it effective.   Don’t be afraid to try numerous subject lines and approaches.

How do you feel about this?  Will it impact your ability to sell on Amazon? 

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BREAKING: Amazon to Soon Allow only ONE Email to Customers Per Order

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