EBO New Year 2018 – Hype, Hysteria, and Honesty plus CONTEST!

Hello EBO’ers:

Welcome back to the E-BusinessOnline Podcast – the first episode in many months and our first for 2018.   In this episode:


I want to kickstart our EBO Community so I’m hosting a fun little contest to offer a ONE HOUR FREE CONSULT with me for your e-Business.   This can be by phone, Skype, or if you are within travel distance of Southeast Georgia or Northeast Florida and want to come to St. Simons Island, GA and hookup, I’ll buy you lunch and we’ll talk shop for over an hour.    This is worth hundreds of dollars so you wanna win!   You can earn as many as three entries into the contest by doing any of the following:

  1. Send me an email letting me know you’re listening to the show.  (Put “Podcast” in the subject line!)  I’d like to hear your thoughts, what you’d like to see in the show, questions, constructive criticism, etc.   This gives you an entry.
  2. Leave a written review on the iTunes Podcast.   (you will need to email or tag me with your review username when published)
  3. Share this podcast on Facebook.   (You can share this post, or better yet, go to the page on iTunes and share it from there – see screenshot below).  When sharing you will need to TAG the E-BusinessOnline Facebook Page so that I know you shared it.   When you share the podcast to Facebook I won’t know (and give you another entry) unless you tag the Facebook Page, so don’t forget!



So in this show, it’s more of a heart-to-heart to kickoff the New Year.   I want you to be able to push through all the hype and hysteria about e-commerce, selling online, and how much money is being made, and just hear some HONEST conversation.


In this episode I discuss a new procedure that gives Sellers a warning prior to their account being suspended.   This is great news and is the result of some intense conversations I had with a new team at Amazon.  Listen to hear more.

EBO New Year 2018 – Hype, Hysteria, and Honesty plus CONTEST!

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