Do You Have a Business Mentor?

A few weeks ago I spent a couple of hours having breakfast with a friend and business mentor.   I feel so grateful to have a successful friend who has bought and sold companies and excelled at business.   Our gatherings are some of the most important times I’ve had investing in business.

Checkout this video and enjoy an article below:


6 Ways to Boost Your Sales Funnel

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Sales funnels, Lead Magnets — these are terms you will constantly hear as you build your e-business.  Whether you’re trying to drive people to your product to increase conversions or get people to your website or marketing list, it’s important to do these things correctly.

Checkout this content featured over at DigitalMarkz.Com to help improve your Sales Funnel.


Resisting Change Can Cost You – Big

change“…the constant march forward to ever-newer ways of doing things was not just a lamentable side effect of commerce, but was an ESSENTlAL element of WEALTH CREATION.  The task of creating wealth ABSOLUTELY depends on change”

Taken from “Thou Shalt Prosper

Private Label – What’s Holding You Back?

My blog post is a day later than normal, because I have been focusing on something for my business this week. I got sucked into Andy Slamans free Private Label course. He launched 4 different videos about the basics of private label and decided to give them out to everyone to show them the potential …

3 Tips for Entrepreneurs

I confess, one of my favorite teachers on business and finance is radio personality, Dave Ramsey.  If you’re serious about running your business I’d highly recommend purchasing his book, “EntreLeadership” and subscribing to his FREE “EntreLeadership” podcast. On the EntreLeadership podcast recently Dave nailed me between the eyes with 3 simple points.  Although I can’t …

Etailers: Get Ready for Sales Tax

Online biz owners, get ready.  If you haven’t learned the horrors of multi-jurisdiction tax tables and rates you’re about to. According to a recent article, the US Senate just had an overwhelming vote to support the upcoming “Marketplace Fairness Act” which will require e-commerce merchants to begin collecting sales tax in all states. So far …