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Building a Huge Social Media Following and Monetizing: Russ Hutto with “Marching Band is Awesome” [Episode 17]

Welcome to Episode 17 of the E-BusinessOnline Podcast Host & Speaker:  Fred McKinnon with guest, Russ Hutto Topic:   Building a Social Media Following and Monetizing Niche Markets Summary:  Join us as Fred interviews long time friend and business partner, Russ Hutto.  Russ grew an amazing following via social media in a unique market about “marching […]

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, Part 2 – Manual Campaign Adjustments [Episode 13]

Welcome to Episode 13 of the E-BusinessOnline Podcast Host & Speaker:  Fred McKinnon Topic:   What are Amazon Sponsored Products and Ads? Summary:  This podcast picks up as a continuation of Episode 12 and moves into manual campaigns and how to monitor profitability of keywords. 2 Things We Are Asking Every Listener to Consider: JOIN OUR MAILING […]

6 Ways to Boost Your Sales Funnel

Sales funnels, Lead Magnets — these are terms you will constantly hear as you build your e-business.  Whether you’re trying to drive people to your product to increase conversions or get people to your website or marketing list, it’s important to do these things correctly. Checkout this content featured over at DigitalMarkz.Com to help improve […]

Checklist to Prep for 2012 Holiday Season

The 2012 Holiday Shopping season may seem like it’s still way off in the distance but if you’re not prepping now, you’re already behind. Our friends over at ChannelAdvisor have compiled ten tasks for you to check off in preparation for the big season. Some of these tips include: Sharpening your Google Shopping strategies Expanding […]