Amazon Sellers: Manage Buyer Offers

A new feature is appearing under the hoods of the Seller Central portal for Amazon Sellers.  It’s called “Manage Buyer Offers” and seems to suggest that Amazon is wading into the territory that is quite familiar to eBay sellers:   allowing buyers to make their own price offers.


A quick search in Amazon’s Seller Help reveals that in fact, this is ready to roll.

Make an Offer enables customers to offer to participating sellers a price lower than the current price. It facilitates an online negotiation between a customer and a seller. Make an Offer is currently available for the Collectibles, Fine Art, and Personal Computer (Used/Refurbished) categories.

How does it work?

When you upload your products for sale, you can configure Make an Offer to specific SKUs. Customers can purchase your product at the current price or make an offer. Each submitted customer offer is valid up to 72 hours and is non-binding. Once an offer is submitted, you will receive an email notification with the offer details and a link to the Manage Buyer Offers page. On the Manage Buyer Offers page, you can review, accept, reject, or counteroffer, all customers offers.

If you do not take any action for 72 hours, the offer will expire.

Time will tell if Amazon will make this feature available to other categories.    What are your thoughts on this option?

Amazon Sellers: Manage Buyer Offers

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