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Amazon FBA Low Inventory Level Fees – Everything You Need To Know

Introduction Welcome to the E Business Online blog! In this post, we will be discussing the new Amazon FBA low inventory level fees and how they could potentially impact your business. As an agency specializing in helping businesses sell their products online, we understand the challenges and frustrations that can arise when dealing with fees […]

Failure to Launch – 7 Things Brands Should Consider Before Selling on Amazon

Failure to Launch – 7 Things Brands Should Consider Before Selling on Amazon One of the most exciting parts of running an e-commerce agency is getting new clients.   New business is life, it’s exciting, and launching a brand on Amazon (or scaling an existing one) and other e-commerce channels is a huge rush of […]

Amazon Suspends Inbound Shipments of Non-Priority Goods to Warehouses

Amazon To Only Accept Shipments of Household Stapes, Medical Supplies, Priority Items Amazon Sellers worldwide reacted with panic and disbelief on Tuesday, March 17, as they were awakened to the news that they could no longer ship their products into Amazon Fulfillment (FBA, Fulfilled by Amazon) warehouses effective immediately. As the outbreak of the Corona […]

Before You Report that Amazon Seller for Price Gouging …

Important Education about Online Price Gouging and Amazon Sellers With the enormous response of panic and reactions related to the Corona Virus Pandemic here in the United States and globally, price gouging has become a serious issue. As an e-commerce seller and consultant/brand manager for other sellers, we are seeing large increases in sales on […]

US Sellers Continue to Lose to China on Amazon

Paul Revere is a legend in American history for his storied horse ride in 1775 in which he warned the colonial citizens, “The British are coming”. Although historians have informed us that this famous story didn’t exactly happen the way we learned as kids, we do forever remember the warning. Chinese Sellers Invade Amazon For […]

Amazon Store Owners Add Value to the Economy

More than 50,000 Amazon Businesses Exceeded $500,000 in Sales While the world has been spinning, something spectacular has been happening. E-Commerce has vaulted into a huge business and more and more business owners are realizing that it’s time to wake up and discover their e-commerce strategy. In a story by Business Wire, Amazon Stores Helping […]

Canadian Sellers Impacted by Postal Strike

This has been a big week in the world of e-commerce when it comes to news about shipping.   Just this week we learned that the Trump Administration is backing out of an age-old agreement that allowed China to send packages to the USA and steeply discounted, subsidized pricing.   Then we learned yesterday that the Canadian […]

Trump Administration Set to Terminate Chinese E-Packet Delivery

Dropshippers Who Rely on Cheap Chinese E-Packet Shipping at Risk Earlier today a major story was published on the New York Times entitled “Trump Opens New Front in His Battle With China: International Shipping”.    The overall summary is that as part of the ongoing trade war with China, the Trump Administration is terminating the […]

Amazon Refines it’s Customer Product Reviews Guidelines

Updated Policies on Amazon Product Reviews When selling your product on Amazon, all 3rd party sellers know that one of the most important things you should do is collect Amazon Product Reviews from verified customers.    Product reviews from customers and shoppers on Amazon provide the much-needed social proof to potential customers that your product […]

It’s Official: Amazon’s Prime Day 2018 Begins July 16th at 3:00 PM EST

Amazon Announced 2018 Prime Day Event Well folks it’s finally official.   The date of Amazon.Com’s epic selling event has been announced.   Amazon’s Prime Day for 2018 will start on July 16, 2018 at 3:00 EST.   Dubbed by Amazon.Com as “an epic day and a half of our best deals and promotions”, Prime Day promises to […]