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You’re Never Too Busy for Metrics

Have you ever settled in and ignored your metrics? Friends, one of the main reasons that I started this blog was to share news and insights about e-commerce and online selling.   With over a decade in e-commerce, I’ve seen plenty of things – some amazing successes and some really discouraging heartaches.   I hope that my transparency and vulnerability with our readers will help save some of you from the mistakes we’ve made and at the same time, launch you into some of the success we’ve enjoyed. We Got Sloppy and It Costs us over $10,000 Yes, you read that correctly.   Today I just swallowed the intense reality that we’ve unexpectedly accrued over $10,000 worth of eBay insertion fees.   How did that happen?  It’s not pretty. Because our company is a high volume seller, we qualified for a promotion a while back that enabled us to have unlimited…


3 Things Your Customers Want

This past week I had the privilege of attending the annual Global Leadership Summit via simulcast hosted at a location here in Georgia.  It was two jam-packed days of teaching from some of the world’s greatest (and most successful) leaders in the world. For any entrepreneur who is leading a business, whether an online e-commerce operation or any other type of organization, leadership is critical.   Good leadership will help a venture soar to higher heights and poor leadership will most assuredly sink you into the lowest of lows. One of the speakers was Horst Schulze, the CEO of Capella Hotel Group and Founding President of Ritz-Carlton Group.   He discussed three simple reminders about hospitality and what customers want.  I’d like to translate some of his teaching into our world of e-commerce and online business. What Do Your Customers Want? Your customers want their product (or service) without defect:…

As The Dust Clears on the Walmart Purchase of Jet.Com

    As the dust settles this week, there are lots of opinions on the recent acquisition of Jet.Com by Walmart.   Does their $3.3 billion investment make sense?  We found a great article from the Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania that sheds some great light. What do you think?   Was this a powerful move from Walmart or a disastrous play?

Do You Have a Business Mentor?

A few weeks ago I spent a couple of hours having breakfast with a friend and business mentor.   I feel so grateful to have a successful friend who has bought and sold companies and excelled at business.   Our gatherings are some of the most important times I’ve had investing in business. Checkout this video and enjoy an article below:  

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6 Ways to Boost Your Sales Funnel

Sales funnels, Lead Magnets — these are terms you will constantly hear as you build your e-business.  Whether you’re trying to drive people to your product to increase conversions or get people to your website or marketing list, it’s important to do these things correctly. Checkout this content featured over at DigitalMarkz.Com to help improve your Sales Funnel.  

Amazon Sellers: Manage Buyer Offers

A new feature is appearing under the hoods of the Seller Central portal for Amazon Sellers.  It’s called “Manage Buyer Offers” and seems to suggest that Amazon is wading into the territory that is quite familiar to eBay sellers:   allowing buyers to make their own price offers. A quick search in Amazon’s Seller Help reveals that in fact, this is ready to roll. Make an Offer enables customers to offer to participating sellers a price lower than the current price. It facilitates an online negotiation between a customer and a seller. Make an Offer is currently available for the Collectibles, Fine Art, and Personal Computer (Used/Refurbished) categories. How does it work? When you upload your products for sale, you can configure Make an Offer to specific SKUs. Customers can purchase your product at the current price or make an offer. Each submitted customer offer is valid up to 72…

Resisting Change Can Cost You – Big

“…the constant march forward to ever-newer ways of doing things was not just a lamentable side effect of commerce, but was an ESSENTlAL element of WEALTH CREATION.  The task of creating wealth ABSOLUTELY depends on change” Taken from “Thou Shalt Prosper“