Building a Huge Social Media Following and Monetizing: Russ Hutto with “Marching Band is Awesome” [Episode 17]

Welcome to Episode 17 of the E-BusinessOnline Podcast

Host & Speaker:  Fred McKinnon with guest, Russ Hutto
Topic:   Building a Social Media Following and Monetizing Niche Markets
Summary:  Join us as Fred interviews long time friend and business partner, Russ Hutto.  Russ grew an amazing following via social media in a unique market about “marching band”.  Hear how he grew his social media following to nearly 200,000+ fans across social media platforms.

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In this podcast Fred talks to Russ Hutto, creator and founder of the “Marching Band is Awesome” site and fan bases.  He created a special niche market in something he was passionate about – marching band.  Russ grew this niche market on Facebook to over 100,000 fans and over 60,000 fans on Instagram.  Using this market, he is able to sell merchandise (T-Shirts, Hoodies, etc) successfully while allowing him to travel, spend time with his boys, and work from anywhere there is wi-fi!   In addition, he used this market to pursue a dream to write a novel and enjoys the #1 spot on Amazon in his teen-fiction category.


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Building a Huge Social Media Following and Monetizing: Russ Hutto with “Marching Band is Awesome” [Episode 17]

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