What’s Happening in E-Commerce World? [Episode 18]

Welcome to Episode 18 of the E-BusinessOnline Podcast

Host & Speaker:  Fred McKinnon
Topic:   Updates on the status of things
Summary:  Fred returns to the podcast after a 2-week break and discusses a whirlwind of activity in e-commerce world.

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What’s Happening in E-Business Land?

Hello EBO’ers:

So glad to be back after a 2-week break.   My intention has to been to produce at least one podcast per week and I fell short of that goal for the first time over the past few weeks.   I’ve had a lot of travel  – some for business (Prosper and ASD trip), some for pleasure (Jamaica Spring Break) and some for family and sorrow (funeral of my father-in-law).   Thanks for hanging in there and being gracious.

Lots of things are happening in e-commerce world.

  • Hijackers on Amazon Listings:  hijackers are uploading hundreds of thousands of offers on active listings with extended lead times to ship and getting paid for orders and never shipping them.  Try to get brand gated and brand restricted if this is happening to you.
  • Our Jet Account was suspended!  That’s right, with 10+ years of experience, these things still happen.   I’ll discuss why and how we are dealing with it.
  • Amazon Vendor Central and Vendor Express:  are you hearing about this, and are you taking advantage of AMS (Amazon Marketing Services?)
  • Surges in IP (Intellectual Property) and Trademark claims on established brands on Amazon.  How are we coping with these?
  • I want to hear from you!  What topics would you like to hear discussed on the show?
  • The differences between our Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

If you are an e-commerce owner and have a story to share, let me know!   I’d love to interview if you have been hijacked or if you are using Vendor Central or Vendor Express.


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What’s Happening in E-Commerce World? [Episode 18]

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