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Amazon Clamps Down on Incentivized Customer Reviews

Howdy E-Commerce Gurus: Another day, another huge blow to Amazon Marketplace Sellers.   It seems like every few weeks we’re posting news about major modifications that Amazon is making on their platform. Today’s blow is especially tough for “Private Labelers” who rely on incentivizing sales in exchange for reviews.   Effective today, Amazon will no […]

7 Ways for E-Commerce Dropshippers to Prepare for Q4 on Amazon

Today is October 1st – Q4 has officially begun! I’ve personally endured over a decade of Q4 excitement (and suffering) in the world of e-commerce.   Although sales don’t historically show a significant pickup until the week of Black Friday, now is the time to begin preparing.  For those who utilize dropshipping as a core […]

How I Found the Dropship Distributors to Turn $99 into $19 Million

It all started about 10 years ago.  I was working full-time in my local church as the music minister and had a small, but growing web hosting company as a way to scratch my business itch and supplement our income.   One of my older brothers gave me a call and he said something like […]

Proven Tactics on Growing Your E-Commerce Biz

E-Commerce Business Owners:   We are always searching for ways to grow.   Competition is fierce and more and more people are becoming online sellers each day. Rewardstream.Com recently published this article that we’d like to share called “Proven Tactics to Grow Your E-Commerce Business”.  These are some fantastic tactics that you can implement to […]

Two Books I’ve Decided I Have to Buy Today

As an e-commerce business owner and specialist, there is never an end to learning.   I personally try to always have literature that I am reading to learn more about the industry.   Just as important as industry news, overall leadership development is just as important.   Whether you are managing a multi-million dollar e-commerce […]

3 Things Your Customers Want

This past week I had the privilege of attending the annual Global Leadership Summit via simulcast hosted at a location here in Georgia.  It was two jam-packed days of teaching from some of the world’s greatest (and most successful) leaders in the world. For any entrepreneur who is leading a business, whether an online e-commerce […]