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Amazon Sellers: Manage Buyer Offers

A new feature is appearing under the hoods of the Seller Central portal for Amazon Sellers.  It’s called “Manage Buyer Offers” and seems to suggest that Amazon is wading into the territory that is quite familiar to eBay sellers:   allowing buyers to make their own price offers. A quick search in Amazon’s Seller Help […]

Let the Lending Begin: Amazon.Com and Seller Lending

We’ve been hearing about it for a while, but it’s in full swing.  Amazon.Com is officially lending money! Below is a copy of an email received by a current Amazon.Com Seller: Dear Seller: Amazon is always looking for ways to help our sellers grow. Your seller performance has prequalified you to become one of the […]

3 Tips for Entrepreneurs

I confess, one of my favorite teachers on business and finance is radio personality, Dave Ramsey.  If you’re serious about running your business I’d highly recommend purchasing his book, “EntreLeadership” and subscribing to his FREE “EntreLeadership” podcast. On the EntreLeadership podcast recently Dave nailed me between the eyes with 3 simple points.  Although I can’t […]

Etailers: Get Ready for Sales Tax

Online biz owners, get ready.  If you haven’t learned the horrors of multi-jurisdiction tax tables and rates you’re about to. According to a recent article, the US Senate just had an overwhelming vote to support the upcoming “Marketplace Fairness Act” which will require e-commerce merchants to begin collecting sales tax in all states. So far […]

9 Ways to Prevent Credit Card Chargebacks, Pt. 2

In our last post we discussed 4 of our 9 ways to prevent credit card chargebacks in your e-business.   These four steps were primarily related to legitimate customer purchases who are filing chargebacks for varions reasons. Most of your credit card chargebacks will come from transactions that are fraudulent.  Online credit/debit card fraud is one […]

Amazon’s New Commission Structure for Electronic Accessories Goes Live

As announced in the fourth quarter of 2012, Amazon.Com has officially launched its new commission structure on Electronics Accessories.  It’s a bold move from Amazon.Com that will increase it’s revenue on millions of products by an additional 7%. Initial discussions in the forums and posts online are mixed and large volume sellers who rely on […]

Checklist to Prep for 2012 Holiday Season

The 2012 Holiday Shopping season may seem like it’s still way off in the distance but if you’re not prepping now, you’re already behind. Our friends over at ChannelAdvisor have compiled ten tasks for you to check off in preparation for the big season. Some of these tips include: Sharpening your Google Shopping strategies Expanding […]

Where Should I Sell My Products Online?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions new Sellers face is this: Where Should I Sell My Products? Being successful with e-commerce includes a number of critical elements but there are a few points that are vital in insuring eventual success. 1.  Price 2.  Visibility 3.  Traffic You have several options when it comes to selling […]